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Business consulting from a trusted advisor

Advice, Coaching and Non-exec Leadership

I know that running any business comes with questions. I’m ready to give answers.

For business leaders and decision-makers, I can offer common sense built on years of senior-level experience with a range of businesses, from independent operators and fresh start ups, to well-established firms with £150m turnover.

I see things that others don’t and I offer the experience others can’t. I’m ready to provide clear advice that cuts through complex issues and helps you grow your business.

One-to-One Coaching

Offering regular goal-oriented sessions tailored to individual needs, I help you deliver solutions to your business requirements and needs. I mentor a number of business leaders who often just want a second opinion or some proven expert advice.

Strategy Development

You cannot deliver success without a plan. So I can give your business clarity of purpose and a structured path to follow – I will help you deliver and implement the future thinking for your business increasing your activity and make your business more successful.

Team Mentoring

Joining your team for regular sessions to instill new ways of working and get the best from their daily performance. I have a way with people, helping them get the most from their talent and that also encourages them to learn and develop as part of a team.

Non-executive Senior Support

I can join board meetings and strategy sessions to offer my perspective – whether that be giving advice on business structure, people, delivery, sales, financials or just simply listening. It works for the businesses I’ve helped succeed and grow, and it would work for your business too.

For me, it’s a hugely rewarding role – seeing the lights turning on as teams, individuals and leaders see the benefit of my approach to business development and sales strategy. For my clients, it’s a hugely valuable process – turning their sales, new business and marketing processes into deliverable and achievable projects that produce real results.

It all starts with clear communication. From ground-level to board-level, I’m ready to talk. No sugar coating, pussy-footing or lily-gilding. Just honest advice that works.

Rooted in honesty

In 1996 I was a fledgling sales rep for the Guardian. One day, I was standing in front of the head of a Recruitment Agency (I didn’t merit a seat), pitching my newspaper as a viable alternative to the local titles. His response was that “nobody gets sacked for buying The Scotsman or The Herald”. Nobody gets in trouble playing it safe. So we won’t sell space in your paper to our clients – even if it might be the best option for their ad.

I preferred to take a more honest approach. Rather than keeping my head well below the parapet, I’d tell clients when the paper was a better option and, crucially, when it wasn’t. My attitude hasn’t changed in the years since. So today I see my job as delivering honest advice, based on common sense and long experience. What works and what won’t. The trends to ignore and the new approaches to try.


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