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Fix failing hiring plans

With a comprehensive Recruitment MOT audit of your processes, platforms and people, you'll get clear steps for fast improvement.

Find out how you’ll score – for FREE – with our initial mini-MOT


What is a Recruitment MOT?

You’re not attracting the right candidates, or getting too many of the wrong ones. You’ve tried many things but they haven’t made a huge difference yet. You’re assailed by rec-tech firms with kit they say will solve all your problems. You’re under pressure from management and need to demonstrate how you actually compare to your competitors.

A recruitment MOT can help. We give your recruitment strategy and processes an expert once-over, with recommendations for the areas where you can improve. And the results can make a huge difference:

Efficient Resource Allocation: A full recruitment audit/MOT allows companies to assess their current recruitment processes, identify any gaps, and determine areas where resources can be allocated more efficiently and effectively. It helps in evaluating your recruitment team’s performance, identifying bottlenecks and streamlining the overall process.

Cost Reduction: A thorough recruitment audit/MOT will help you identify areas where unnecessary costs are being incurred, such as excessive advertising expenses or inefficient use of recruitment agencies. By optimising these areas, companies can reduce recruitment costs while still attracting high-quality candidates.

Quality of Hires: A recruitment MOT helps identify gaps in your current candidate attraction strategies and give advice on improvements. Specific guidance might include leveraging different channels for sourcing candidates, improving the employer brand and refining job descriptions and ad copy to attract more, better-qualified candidates.

100% of the companies who have had a Recruitment MOT have found it valuable.

How much does it cost?

Less than the cost of a standard agency hire – between £995 and £4,995, depending on how many areas we need to explore, the size of your organisation and how much research we need to conduct. We can get started with a quick assessment, or dive in for the full audit.

How long does it take?

Typically, you can get your Recruitment MOT score within two weeks. But it doesn’t end there. There are follow-up meetings and re-assessments, to help you make the most of our recommendations and deliver lasting improvement. (And to prove to your boss that you’re making progress.)

Why should I trust Tony?

Because Tony’s been in recruitment for a loooong time – dealing with the nuts and bolts of hiring platforms and rec tech, the broad strategic issues of hiring plans and recruitment branding, and everything in between. See what his clients say.

Try it now FREE

This free mini MOT offers an initial guide on your recruitment strategy and processes today, highlighting issues to address and improvements to make. It only takes minutes, but it’s a great first step toward more effective recruitment.

Mini MOT
Do you struggle to get good candidates?
Do you know how many of your agency hires could have been found for nothing on LinkedIn?
Do you know your cost per hire?
Do you know your time to hire?
Do you know if your salaries are competitive?
Do you have a recruitment website?
Do you have an ATS?
If you have an ATS, do you get the most out of it?
Do you make use of data analytics (Google or other) to help you understand your recruitment traffic?
Do you have full control over recruitment branding, copy and media?
Do you think your recruitment ad copy stands out from the competition?
Do you write bespoke recruitment copy for every advert?
Do you know the importance of storytelling in recruitment?

It only takes a few details to get started – then we’ll make a free initial assessment and get in touch about the next steps.

First you get your score...

A Recruitment MOT is a comprehensive audit from an experienced industry expert – offering an external perspective on every aspect of your hiring processes, people and platforms. It’s a review that can include:

  • Cost per hire
  • Employer brand
  • Copy tone & quality
  • Competition analysis
  • Salary benchmark
  • Application tracking & process
  • Recruitment Tech, Data and MI
  • Website & ATS
  • Video interviewing
  • Individual targeting
  • Talent banking
  • Direct attraction
  • DE&I
  • Social media
  • Storytelling & engagement
  • Internal comms, including referral
  • Google and SEO
  • Team structure & internal processes

We distil all that insight and analysis into a simple score out of 100 – a basic benchmark for your performance.

...then you get improving

A Recruitment MOT not only offers a snapshot of where you are. It also offers a comprehensive set of recommended actions to show you where you want to be. So, as part of your audit, you’ll get a comprehensive set of recommended actions to help you lead improvement:

  • quick wins
  • immediate priorities
  • industry standards
  • strategic aims
  • practical steps

Sometimes, the Recruitment MOT score can be a big surprise. Nobody likes to think they’re not doing well. But everyone likes to see their score going up after a few months. And we offer the steps to make that happen.

When your score goes up, your teams get better – because hiring people better means hiring better people. Just ask some of our clients:

Highland Spring Logo

“Tony recently supported our team through the Recruitment MOT process and it really delivered for us.

The initial review and self- assessment was hugely valuable, bringing us all closer to the detail – good and bad! – of our current ways of working.

Tony’s analysis and insights… accelerated our understanding of where we need to prioritise change, while pointing us towards some ready-made solutions. Highly recommended and cost effective!”

John Jarvie

Head of HR
Highland Spring Group

Schroders Personal Wealth Logo

“The Recruitment MOT really focused our attention on the elements of our recruitment cycle that needed the most development.

We knew we had gaps, but the MOT enabled us to rationalise our thoughts and support our ‘story’ to our Executive team on the investment required.

Tony has been supportive and insightful – offering hints and tips from real market insight. We look forward to next year’s MOT to showcase the improvements we have made!”

Douglas Boe

Head of Talent & Development
Schroeders Personal Wealth

Carnegie Club Skibo

“We are constantly looking at ways of attracting great people – always questioning whether there is more we could be doing.

Going through the Recruitment MOT process with Tony was invaluable – friendly, informal but very detailed. Not only did it validate all the great stuff we are doing, but it also highlighted what else we could be focusing on.

Our next step is to implement the right applicant tracking system and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tony for all things recruitment!”

Pamela Green

Head of People and Culture
The Carnegie Club

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