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Training and Mentoring from an expert you can trust

Training your team with the tools to excel

Leading effective and engaging sessions with your team to help them build skills, adopt new approaches and buy into your strategies.

A plan is only as strong as the team executing it. All too often, any kind of business activity falls down when expectation and effort don’t match up, when it’s not clear how to achieve set goals. I offer engaging training sessions to equip your people with the skills and understanding to expand your network, engage with a wider market and grow your peoples skills – in short, making sure they have what they need to achieve your plans.

The sessions are completely bespoke, built around your team and full of personality. I don’t run the same session again and again, but use real examples relevant to your business. I consult with the managers to see what it is that they need delivering and this results in training that your people really need, not just another off-the-shelf training programme.


Sales strategy sessions

As much facilitation as training, these sessions help you structure your new business and sales activities – building a plan on proven techniques and measurable activity. I’ll not only help you set a clear direction to follow and generate leads to pursue, but also bring a little sizzle to your standard sales processes.

It all starts with looking at your target market and the clients you need to identify, delivering key outcomes for your sales life cycle.

What it covers:

  • Positioning your offer
  • Target audiences
  • Developing relationships – existing and new
  • Identifying prospects and building larger networks
  • A stronger sales toolkit
  • Growing personal profile and company brand
  • Setting activity plans within limited timeframes
  • Measurement

I work with your teams directly, through Zoom/Teams sessions. It might take the shape of concentrating on an area such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn remains one of the most powerful business networking tools around. I’ll show your team how to make the most of it – from getting to grips with the basics of engaging with others and growing a network, to developing a consistent and coherent social media sales strategy.

We will cover many topics including building your reputation, groups and group management, LinkedIn for recruitment, competition analysis, daily motivation, personal growth and more – all backed up by real life practical exercises.

What a LinkedIn mentoring session covers:

  • Why use LinkedIn?
  • Measuring where you are
  • Maximising your profile
  • Company branding
  • Who to link with and how
  • Searching for leads and building a network
  • Joining, managing and searching through groups
  • Sharing valuable content
  • Setting growth plans
Storytelling development

Social media gives us the opportunity and the platform to talk to potential clients and employees, not to mention partners and peers. But that conversation is only as valuable as what you say. My workshops can help your team understand what makes compelling content, and how that fits into the wider business development strategy.

It’s not just a case of keeping your contacts up to date with your activities, but a way to position your business for the next sale or the next relationship – even a vehicle for becoming a thought leader in your sector.

What it covers:

  • Identifying your audience
  • What makes content engaging?
  • Brand blueprint – explaining who you are and what you stand for
  • Positioning in the marketplace – promoting your key sector specifics
  • Engagement and participation – connecting with your audience
  • Finding the right balance for your audience
Typical workshops:
  • LinkedIn Storytelling Workshop – ideal for teams who want a cross section of learning on how to use LinkedIn to tell stories and raise your profile.
  • LinkedIn top to tail session.
  • Lunch and Learn social media session.
  • One-to-One coaching for your team members.
  • 6-month sales strategy development – comprehensive monthly sessions to develop and measure your sales strategy.
  • Team mentoring – example. working with a recruitment team to help them deliver better profiles and visibility.
  • Mentoring leaders.
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