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Project support to deliver success

Leading projects for lasting results

Leading the business projects that make a lasting strategic impact for any business, from research to development to delivery to review.

Every project is different, demanding different approaches and resources. But whether I’m working as an external resource or I’m integrated into your management team for the life of the project, I can provide the leadership experience, clear lines of communication and robust structure to deliver a wide range of different projects.

I’ve led projects for Trinity Mirror, The Guardian, Cosla, the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and others – from complex technology implementation, to wide-ranging client research, to cultivating and pursuing new business leads.

“Tony worked on an extensive review that was both quantitative and qualitative. He was thorough in his approach and engaging in the face-to-face element of the review. He spoke with staff, interpreted their views and created a deliverable action plan, which was pivotal in tweaking the way we work. We were very pleased with the result and would have no hesitation in working with Tony again in the future”.

“I’ve worked with Tony on a couple of projects and his self-motivation and drive to see the project through are refreshing. Our environment required someone we could trust implicitly, and he has adapted well to the way the public sector works. The value we get from his services vastly outweigh his very reasonable daily rate.”

“Tony is a truly independent consultant, who is organised, dedicated and hard-working. With him there are no hidden agendas nor difficult to understand rationale. He consistently challenges what is widely accepted as the norm by looking at a problem in an innovative way. He has achieved significant results with stakeholders seeing the real benefit of having Tony aboard.

Business Development

Sales is just one part of the puzzle. It may be vital, but the structure and strategy around it is important too. I’ll create a plan to grow your business – from laying positioning your offer and identifying your target market, to engaging with the market by pursuing new leads, creating a social media strategy and setting achievable sales targets.

HR & Talent Acquisition

I’m an active member of the CIPD Talent Acquisition Group, having spent much of my career working in and around the HR sector. So I can help you meet the market’s sophisticated demands – from a strong employer brand and tech-savvy communications to an engaging social media presence – driving applications, interest and your profile.


I offer the experience and understanding to implement the tools that work, from websites, SEO and digital marketing tools, to ATS and other HR-focused systems. I know which tools work and which are just a flash in the pan, and I’ll be an honest broker between your organisation and the right suppliers for the job.


I can offer a new perspective on the issues vital to the future of your business. Whether that means doing an internal review to assess your culture, interviewing major clients to understand perceptions and public image, or working with a range of suppliers to find the best solution for your business, I can distil complex issues into actionable insights.

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