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“The first time I spoke to Tony on a phone call, I knew that he was the guy for me. He gave me advice when he didn’t have to, as I was not his client. He wasn’t trying to sell to me unwanted services – he just wanted to help.”

“Tony is an expert. He’s extremely personable, has a fantastic breadth and depth of expertise and is great at making the complicated simple. He offers a cost-effective service that delivers results, with an approach that’s tailored to your needs. He stays on top of new trends so that you stay ahead of the competition.”

“I have known Tony for many years. His insight, intellectual capacity and awareness of recruitment trends and candidate attraction strategies have been key factors in several successful projects. He is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable and effective thought leaders in digital and online recruitment strategies.”

“It has been amazing how Tony has been able to get our whole management team to develop a proper sales strategy for the first time – we have hit walls and he has helped us over them, helped us refocus at every turn. I hugely recommend his sales strategy support.”

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