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Starting a Sales Strategy: step 1

Kick-starting your business momentum

As I continue to develop my workshops on sales strategy for clients it is always worth focusing on the four pillars:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Who are you selling to?
  3. How are you going to sell the product?
  4. How do you create Fame for you, your business or your product?

In this piece I’m going to concentrate on the first of these: What are you selling?

It might sound blindingly obvious but most businesses have no idea on what they are selling. They will have a general idea, but they often couldn’t tell somebody quickly what they offer. The old elevator pitch is never really thought through by most businesses.

Starting with that premise, it really should be easy to start thinking about the product/service you sell and how the features and benefits will work for anyone interested. I always ask the same question, describe what you do on one sticky note – can you? Could you tell a stranger what you do in 30 seconds? Have you an easy to buy from box that your pals could tell their networks what you do?

We are all guilty of thinking that others must know what we do, how can they not! But do we take the time to actually think about the whole sell, the ‘what are you selling’ part? I’d guess that , in most cases, the answer is no. I work on drawing out the simple things, the best bits, and – without being clichéd – finding the sizzle. This has to be the base of every new business strategy, the one that leads you to all the other phases, this will help create easy to hook features and benefits and an easy start to a strategy that you can implement.

#Helpful note 1

I love to work with clients who have an open mind and positive thinking, but if you want to look at this on your own start off with Features. What is so great about the product or service? These can be simple transactions you carry out, fabulous thinking or the features your fantastic bit of tech kit delivers – these should be easy to find and think about. Then you need to think about the Benefits from these features: what helps me as a buyer/client if I use or have your service/product?

Feature – We guarantee our raincoat is storm force waterproof

Benefit – You won’t get wet in a storm

It is really easy to forget the benefit. Sometimes you just need to blow your own trumpet.

By understanding the features/benefits you will make the How you sell and the Fame growth far easier, think about how easy it is to spread word of mouth on things you like or have enjoyed.

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