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Recruitment Technology Breakdown?

Things can’t only get better?

Macro-level statistics and a wave of anecdotal evidence shows the recruitment market is moving into a tough spot in 2024, having been in retreat in many sectors throughout the latter part of 2023. I’ll have more to say about this in…

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What does recession mean for recruitment in 2024?

OK, like those ads for the well-known insurance comparison site, I’m confused.  And, just like the wide many options available on said site (other sites are available), the range of opinions on how the recruitment market will develop in 2024…

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Problems With Recruitment Planning

Say goodbye to yesterday’s plans

In 25 years of working in the recruitment sector, I’ve never known anything quite like it. The lack of candidates, the war for talent, the volatile market – it’s incredibly challenging for employers across the UK, across a whole range of…

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Sales Strategy

Starting a Sales Strategy: step 4

Getting famous for what you do So, now we come to the final instalment of my blog series on the basics of developing a sales strategy. It's all based around my four pillars of sales: What are you selling? Who…

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Starting a Sales Strategy: step 3

The anatomy of a sale – who, how, where This is the third part of my series covering a few of the basics of developing a sales growth strategy. I've talked about what you're selling and who you're selling to.…

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