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Pactive Engaging Means Inspiring

Why you should always be inspiring people

Did you see Masterchef on 20th April?

I don’t normally watch the show, but I caught an episode last week that amazed me (you can watch it on iplayer). An experienced chef asked the five contestants into his restaurant, showed them what he wanted them to cook and then left them to it.

The general thread from all everyone watching in my house and on Twitter was that he wasn’t supportive enough – with little guidance for the masterchef trainees, but a lot of expectation.

Twitter on masterchef

His leadership style wouldn’t suit me, but probably suits lots of people – I am not a chef but I do liking eating!

What this does is show you how quickly you can alienate a particular set of people by your actions when you just think you’re doing your job. I would guess that the reality is somewhere between great leadership and the car-crash situation the show portrayed – the edit certainly didn’t seem kind to the chef. I’m sure he’ll be fine, despite all social media anger – according to his own twitter feed, he has been nominated for a top award.

London Restaurateur of the Year: Corbin & King, Robin & Sarah Gill, Ross Shonhan, Sethi siblings, Stevie Parle, Will Beckett & Huw Gott.

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