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Take A Closer Look At Your Recruitment Lifecycle

Look at every nut and bolt of your recruitment life cycle. NOW.

"People are our greatest asset"

Ah, that extremely old chestnut. It’s so easy to say. But if it’s true, why haven’t you spent any real money on recruitment for years?

I wrote a blog recently about candidate shortages. It got a great response – it clearly resonated with a lot of people struggling under the weight of today’s job market. Talent acquisition is harder than it’s ever been. But it’s an easy excuse. Employers need to face facts and admit the truth: they have neglected the whole recruitment cycle.

I’m not going to beat around the bush. Recruiters, hiring managers and HR teams up and down the land have taken a steady stream of candidates for granted – it’s been this way for years. Decades, even. Many of you will be in a business thrashing around in a panic, throwing absolutely everything at the problem. I suspect that includes a fair bit of money, thrown at job boards and headhunters.

“But what else can we do?” I hear you cry…

Hard truths don't have easy answers

It’s an everything problem, so I think it needs an everything fix. And that starts with a top-to-bottom audit. I’ve spent the last month or so doing these audits for some of my clients, with useful results. For some, it’s about marginal gains – squeezing that extra 1% that can make all the difference in such a tight market. But for others, it’s more dramatic – illuminating all those areas waiting to be transformed for today’s realities.

Mostly, it’s about asking questions:

  • Job ads – how many of you are cut-and-pasting your way to bland ads that don’t engage?
  • Branding – do you have an EVP? Do you need a brand refresh? Have you tested the results?
  • Salaries – what’s the competition? What do candidates expect? Fringe benefits won’t cut it.
  • Applications – how long do you take to process, communicate, interview, etc. Are you agile?
  • Advertising – are you making the most of programmatic ads? (Know what they are?)

I have more. Lots more. But that would be giving away all my secrets.

If you’re struggling, it might be time to take a step back and have a good look at the whole thing, with a full recruitment cycle audit. There will be improvements to make – they’re your opportunities to compete for candidates. Invest in some external support and see what ideas you can bring to your business.

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