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Sales Strategy

Starting a Sales Strategy: step 4

Getting famous for what you do

So, now we come to the final instalment of my blog series on the basics of developing a sales strategy. It’s all based around my four pillars of sales:

  1. What are you selling?
  2. Who are you selling to?
  3. How are you going to sell the product?
  4. How do you create fame for you, your business or your product?

Each of these steps seems simple enough, but there’s a lot to unpack – these pieces can only really scratch the surface of an effective sales growth strategy. If you’d like to delve into more depth, I’m ready to help. Just get in touch and let’s get together for a free consultation over a coffee, so I can find out more about your business and what these four pillars would mean for you.

Storytelling = Fame

As you start to build your external profile, go through your actions and begin your storytelling. From there, the fame will start to grow. Your social channels are made for increasing your Fame, as are your current client base – ask yourself do they really know what you do? Collateral is important as is a good website (it should be your engine where you deliver and share a range of content that raises your head above the bar and improves your word of mouth and opinion about you) but the key is continuous networking and storytelling. It is something you should always be doing in your business, and not just when it is quiet. There are lots of techniques and tricks of the trade and Fame is only useful if you follow it up and set yourself objectives and measure them.

As your reputation grows you will start to notice as random people in your network will start to tell you “I see you’re on LinkedIn a lot” people you have forgotten about will start asking “ to grab a coffee” with you and your website will start to get more traffic.

#Helpful Notes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

And finally some final helpful notes that you should help!

4# Goal setting – What are you trying to achieve from your sales strategy?

5# Measurement – Put some form of measurement into your strategy

6# Process and preparation– There has to be some plan, this plan allows you to measure the success and allocate roles. It also allows you to climb the wall when things get tough, as often they do!

7# Storytelling – You need to share with people the adventures on your island! Only you can do that

8# Lead generation – Understand where they come from, what you do when you get them and how you maximise the leads you already have.

9# Testimonials – People buy from people they trust, you must get testimonials that allow you to get your brilliance out to the marketplace – then share what the benefits and results were for those clients.

10# Responsibility – Management teams need to take responsibility as leaders of the business, sales are the energy of all business – without them you will lose power!

What people say about our sales strategy training

“Thanks for the much needed clarity Tony. You have helped us significantly over the last year in particular, with pretty rapid results. Every day is a school day!”

“You gave us simple techniques via proven processes”

“Every time I speak to you I get some really useful actions, from how we pitch to what our sales deck should look like”

“You kept on at me about sales, the need for a proper plan – I kept just using a cold caller with no plan – spent a fortune on three or four and got nothing. You sat me and my management team down and gave us a plan, made me stick to it and surprise surprise it worked!”

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