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What’s your LinkedIn Talent Brand Index?

For a time, Employer Branding was an idea that only the big boys worried about – but it soon became standard practice for organisations of all shapes and sizes to pay close attention to the way their employer values and personality are communicated.

Today, a strong Employer Brand is a must – a foundation for every recruitment activity, a tone for every communication, a template for approaching the market and much more.

Now, LinkedIn have started a Talent Brand Index – which, in essence, measures both how many people know about your company and how interested they are in you, providing an index score that should show how strong your brand is, or attractive an employer you are.

Of course, it’s another tool for LinkedIn to sell their own recruiter services, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look. See it here.

And, if you’re off to one of LinkedIn’s seminars this week, do have a look and get your thoughts and questions ready…

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