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Referral Strategy

It is all about referral – Employee referral!

A well-run and successful Employee Referral scheme will save you money, motivate and retain staff, and, as part of a wider employer branding project and employee engagement scheme, will help you develop stronger and more productive relationships with your staff at all levels. 

The key to successful Employee Referral, without doubt, is for the HR/recruitment team to embrace the scheme, champion it, nurture it and ensure that it is marketed, refreshed, and, crucially, that success is applauded and publicised.

It is also about saving money and getting your staff involved. I am working on a scheme at the moment that has seen huge success because we planned it correctly: we got staff involved at every stage and did everything we said we would.

The clue is in the name really. ‘Refer’ – see what your people want from the scheme, find out why they’d recommend a role in the team and the kind of people they’d refer. Once you’ve spoken to them, feel free to speak to us.


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