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Employee Referral: get your people involved

I sat on a panel at the annual HR Network conference about 4 years ago and spoke to a very well-known scribe and podcast provider Matt Alder about the importance of Employee Referral, he wasn’t as sure as I was about the future importance of Employee Referral. Four years on and I think we are both aligned, if you are not maximising your recruitment referral scheme then you are missing out.

Pactive Employee Referral SessionThe schemes need to be simple and accessible, good rewards and most importantly be what the staff actually want. I have just enjoyed presenting such a scheme across the three offices of Burness Paull LLP where the input from the staff through a survey was hugely important as is the robust nature of the tech.

HR will always have responsibility to make employee referral work, take the time to understand the role of HR in the process, understand the needs for the scheme to be seamless and easy to use. HR must work hand in hand with the staff, tell them about the scheme, show them the scheme, show them what success means to the company and show the staff what utilising their network can help deliver.

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