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Thoughts for Employers – Simple Observations 1 to 11

There’s been a lot of discussion around Employer Branding recently – with plenty of differing opinions, rules and approaches. So I’ve done some research (reading 5 chunky reports in the past few days), and drilled down to compile a few key points as a waffle-free introduction, in layman’s terms: There’s no getting past it –…
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Pactive Copywriting

Why do I need copywriting services for recruitment?

Imagine reeding a sentence like this on an website, in an advertisement, twete, LinkedIn profile or even a standard evry day communication like an email.* It would hardly fill you with confidence in the organisation behind it. In an instant, you’d form an impression. One that will undermine the time, effort and expense of an…
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Google+ Icons

Google+ is it growing – or is just me ?

I have been using Google+ for a number of years and in truth have not ever considered it as a more than wee add on solution – however I am finding myself interacting with it more across the board and it is helping so many people improve their Google rating. (That’s a TH thought process…
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Pactive Proof Of Summer Sunshine Over Crammond

The world is full of experts – No, really…

It is quite bizarre to see the whole world are now trainers in social media – everywhere you look – promising to take you to the golden sunset in the sky. It can be anyone with a Twitter account, LinkedIn company page or access to Google + and yet there seems to be so few …
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