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Google+ is it growing – or is just me ?

I have been using Google+ for a number of years and in truth have not ever considered it as a more than wee add on solution – however I am finding myself interacting with it more across the board and it is helping so many people improve their Google rating. (That’s a TH thought process by the way!). I am liking the information on it, far less babble and selling blurb and have already gained a few insights lost on other newstreams.

But I will ask a question – how many of you actually ever think of adding content on Google+ as a daily thought? Asides from gurus (you know who you are by the way) – I recently found out about Google Authorship, a proper understanding of Analytics and how to use the Keyword Tool in depth – again is it the future?

I have added a Pactive HR circle and a Pactive Community – and also  downloaded and invited 191 into the circle lets see if we can generate a bit of a  buzz !!!

Whilst Google sits as the number 1 search engine then I think it might just be. It has come along way since I used call it Goggle!

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