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Pactive Copywriting

Why do I need copywriting services for recruitment?

Imagine reeding a sentence like this on an website, in an advertisement, twete, LinkedIn profile or even a standard evry day communication like an email.*

It would hardly fill you with confidence in the organisation behind it.

In an instant, you’d form an impression. One that will undermine the time, effort and expense of an employer brand, social media strategy or advertising campaign. Of course, getting spelling and grammar right is a primary school problem. The professional end of the scale is a little more sophisticated.

It’s about tailoring the style and tone of your communication to your intended target market. It’s about presenting ideas and selling points (because employers are ‘selling’ jobs) in a clear and persuasive way. And it’s about making the most of the media or channel – whether old-fashioned print media or cutting-edge social media.

The mantra you’ll have heard is “Content is king”. It simply means that the best way to attract traffic to your site, likes to your facebook page and followers to your LinkedIn company profile (not to mention applications to your vacancy and candidates to your brand) is to have stuff people actually want to look at. So you need engaging content – with well-written and relevant copy at its heart.

That’s a job in itself, because readers will turn their back on a salesy message and search engines will penalise over-optimised content (i.e. something that’s stuffed full of keywords for their own sake – here’s a piece on why). So your message needs a little craft and care.

It’s no one-off project, but an ongoing demand. Because once you have the foundations in place – with a well-defined and articulated brand – you need to build on them, with fresh, relevant and regular content and communication. From keeping the world up to date and reacting to new events, to engaging directly with individuals (everyone’s a candidate…), effective communication in HR & recruitment is a beast that needs feeding.

The pactive associates include copywriting experts (we’ve got awards and everything) who can manage it for you – not just taking it off your to-do list, but doing it to the kind of standard that means every word you use strengthens your employer brand and engages the audience important to you.

So, whether it’s for job postings, web content, blogs or anything else, ask me how the right words can help you – get in touch.

* Yes, it’s a sentence riddled with mistakes. This is on purpose. Please do not right in. (Get it?)

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