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Data: the answer to your recruitment questions

How do you know if your jobs are in front of the right people at the right time? How can you tell how your employer brand performs against your competitors? How can you tap into talent pools? How can you improve candidate engagement and shape the candidate journey?

The answer to it all lies in the data. I can show you how to unlock the insights from information that’s readily available, making the most of the technology at your fingertips to help you reach out to your best possible candidates. Get in touch and I can use data to show:

  • What you are you doing right – and wrong – with your recruitment
  • What your competitors are getting right – and wrong
  • How people find your jobs
  • How you develop your natural search engine rankings on Google and improve your ability to attract candidates
  • How you best utilise websites, mobile and social media to meet your talent objectives
  • How you fill talent shortfalls
  • What the Google Console support is trying to tell you
  • Which content works hardest

It Is free to ask – I am happy pop in and see you!



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