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Mobile comes first for 43% of candidates

With the rise and rise of mobile media, recruitment is changing. Having a desktop site is no longer enough – and the mobile experience needs to be something more than just click and visit our desktop site. Responsive mobile is here for the long term. Google wants it and so do your candidates.

If you’re not sure what Responsive design is, it’s a form of web design which allows the finished site to adapt (or indeed, respond) to the device it’s being view upon, whether desktop computer or smart phone. These sites have been crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience whatever the device – with text that’s easy to read, media that’s easy to view and navigation that’s easy to use, without too much pinching, zooming, scrolling or panning.

So if you’re a client take a look at your site on a mobile – what do you see?

If you’re advertising on job boards what do you see?

And then ask yourself: if you’re a candidate, which one would you apply through?

Passive candidates want the best mobile solution – to look at your jobs easily and fluidity.


Stephanie Mills of Madgex, the job board software provider, said in a recent blog piece:

“Increased investment in mobile advertising has shifted expectations from advertisers. Agencies want to target their ads at the right audience. If publishers wish to compete effectively for advertisers, they need to understand how to use and embrace the data and information they possess.

Job board owners have an advantage here, attracting niche audiences and storing rich candidate data, they are able to provide advertisers with the opportunities to run targeted campaigns across their site.

However, what is most important to advertisers is that their ads are seen. If their adverts cannot be viewed on mobile or tablet devices they are losing access to a large share of their potential audience. Commentators have suggested that this shift in the ad market will mean that agencies are going to be less willing to work with publications who are not embracing the advertising potential of mobile optimised design.

With nearly 43% of all job searches now being conducted via mobile devices [Jobvite survey – click here], advertisers on job boards are missing the opportunity to engage with this audience. This is where responsive design is transforming advertising potential for job board owners, as it allows for adverts to be displayed properly on any device.”


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