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Make the most of your company LinkedIn page

I have had the pleasure of working with A G Barr in setting up their company page including products videos and job listings. It always amazes me the reaction you can get for simple messages and shares – last weeks have seen a tremendous response from both the home page and my followers.



The main work has been in the set up and we mainly post jobs and relates to the business – but for the right post at the right time you can get engaged followers and content.



irnbrupage3So get your company page sorted on LI. It’s free – only costing you the time it takes to pull it together.

If you don’t know who is responsible then you need to find out. I’ll be more than happy to help you sort out what should and shouldn’t be there – either way.

Contact me at to find out more ways in which I can help.

If you fancy a read about Rab and Senga then visit the A G Barr page on LinkedIn

(Or see it here:


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