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Effective Recruitment Attraction And Engagement

How to get more people looking at your job adverts

Following on from an earlier piece I wrote about what recruitment is getting wrong, Andy at Firefish offers his thoughts on what HR professionals should be doing to get more from their job adverts. Do you agree? Any thoughts? Leave a comment below, or get in touch. It doesn’t matter how well you write job…
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David Morgan Of Burness Paull LLP

The Third Side

For this guest blog, we can hear from our friends at Burness Paull – one of Scotland’s leading law firms, with over 480 people working across three offices. David Morgan, a Partner specialising in employment law, discusses the realities of workplace disputes. If traditional HR tools and processes are ill-equipped to provide a resolution, where…
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Harnessing Emotional Intelligence in Professional Development

Our friends at The Career Management Organisation know a thing or two about executive coaching and professional development. Here, Rob Moore talks about the importance of Emotional Intelligence as a tool for successful leaders – and how it can be honed with professional coaching. You can find out more about the kind of career coaching…
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How to Get the Most from Recruitment Events

Before the must-attend event for anyone in HR or recruitment held by Firefish on 1st June – The Future of Recruitment – here is a really useful guest blog on what you should be doing to get the most from recruitment events by Megan from Firefish – There are a lot of recruitment events…
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Pactive Looks Closer At Data

Making econometrics part of your recruiting attraction strategy

What is ‘econometrics’? First – to save you looking it up – here’s what wikipedia says on the subject: Econometrics is the application of mathematics, statistical methods, and computer science, to economic data and is described as the branch of economics that aims to give empirical content to economic relations. More precisely, it is “the quantitative analysis of actual economic phenomena based on the concurrent…
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Thoughts for Employers – Simple Observations 1 to 11

There’s been a lot of discussion around Employer Branding recently – with plenty of differing opinions, rules and approaches. So I’ve done some research (reading 5 chunky reports in the past few days), and drilled down to compile a few key points as a waffle-free introduction, in layman’s terms: There’s no getting past it –…
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Pactive Copywriting

Why do I need copywriting services for recruitment?

Imagine reeding a sentence like this on an website, in an advertisement, twete, LinkedIn profile or even a standard evry day communication like an email.* It would hardly fill you with confidence in the organisation behind it. In an instant, you’d form an impression. One that will undermine the time, effort and expense of an…
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Social Media

Social Media Recruitment: Silver Bullet?

As the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It’s very easy to get drawn into trying something new and expecting results within days. But whatever anyone says, there is no silver bullet. You should get involved in social media, because it can bring all sorts of…
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Make the most of your company LinkedIn page

I have had the pleasure of working with A G Barr in setting up their company page including products videos and job listings. It always amazes me the reaction you can get for simple messages and shares – last weeks have seen a tremendous response from both the home page and my followers.   The…
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Getting help

Just a quick tip – throughout all the training I’ve done, it always strikes me that information from LinkedIn just doesn’t sink in for many HR teams. The fact is that there are so many features and tools that many people don’t – or can’t – use. But if you ever get stuck, LinkedIn has…
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